Radio Frequency Facial

For smoother skin with a healthy glow, a radio frequency facial can help tighten saggy skin and improve the look of wrinkles.

How does it work?

Radio frequencies are transmitted to the skin, heating it to 38-40°. Although you will feel some warmth, it is a comfortable heat, similar to the effect of using hot stones. By inducing natural collagen production, elastic fibres within the skin are strengthened, making the skin tighter and improving the look of wrinkles.

Results are visible immediately after a 30-minute treatment, with collagen production being promoted up to 4-6 weeks later.

How many sessions do I need?

For best results, weekly sessions are recommended over an 8-week period.

Benefits of a Radio Frequency Facial

  • Improves the strength of elastic fibres found within the skin.
  • Can improve wrinkles and skin tightening
  • Induces collagen production naturally
  • Provides selective and favourable changes within the dermal structure without the risk of any nasty side effects

How much does a Radio Frequency Facial cost?

Contact E-Med Cosmetics on 01727 614477 to book an appointment for a radio frequency facial treatment.

1 Session£29.99